Our work methodology adapts to the mandates we receive, however, when doing business with the experts of Contak Staffing Solutions, you are assured to get a professional and personalized service that will meet your needs.

For information purposes, here is a summary of our approach:

Analysis of your needs

Before taking any action, our professional recruiters will want to know more about your company and your needs. Therefore, we will make an in-depth analysis of the type of position you want to fill, the style of candidate you are seeking, and also the company culture and organizational structure.

The proposal

Once your needs are well identified, a detailed proposal will be given to you. This document represents our agreement and includes our rates.

Search strategy

Since each mandate is unique, it's important to develop a good strategy to be able to meet your needs. The profile for the ideal candidate having been identified with you, we then determine the best approach for your recruitment.

Of course, our computerized database is consulted to identify candidates that have the right skills and aptitudes to meet your needs. Simultaneously, several other external tools are used to ensure we get qualified candidates for the job and meet your deadline.

In general, once these steps are completed and after analyzing received applications, we can then start the pre-selection process of candidates

Candidate pre-selection

The next step, after analyzing the résumés received, is to hold telephone interviews with all candidates that were retained for your position. Following these interviews, a meeting is scheduled with those candidates who have the best skills and experiences to fill your need.

From this group, we select the candidates that are best qualified to fill your position, and send you their files for your review. After depositing the candidate files, our recruiting expert calls you to discuss the different candidates presented and to guide you, if needed, in your choice.

Interview and reference check

Once you have selected the best candidates, an interview is scheduled with you according to a pre-arranged schedule. A reference check is made simultaneously by the recruitment expert.


And that's it. You have now filled your position with the best available candidate.

Once the candidate starts working for you, the professional recruiter that managed your account will follow-up with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your choice.